Submission to the Alberta Ministry of Labour on Proposed Increases to the Provincial Minimum Wage: Background Report

White Paper
Executive Summary
The Government of Alberta in October 2015 increased
the province’s minimum wage from $10.20 to $11.20. This
position paper is a result of minimum wage consultations
Alberta Labour held in Calgary on 06 June 2016 which the
Canadian Poverty Institute attended. At the consultation
the Province sought input on three clear questions:
• Experiences with changes to the minimum wage
that took effect in October 2015.
• How the government can successfully implement
future wage increases.
• How to measure the socio-economic impacts of
changes to the minimum wage.
Accordingly, this submission contains three sections:
• Research in support of the minimum wage raise,
• How to successfully implement the minimum
wage increases,
• How to assess the social and economic impacts of the increase.