Planning to Eliminate Child Poverty: Thematic Overview of Child Poverty Policy in Canada

Canadian Poverty Institute paper
White Paper
This paper is the result of a provision in the Child Poverty Project agreement requiring a policy scan that will shape the study. The objective of the policy scan was to collate
from the federal to the municipal level, past and current efforts to address child poverty in Canada. Research for this report commenced in March 2016. 
Addressing child poverty has been on the Canadian radar historically but 1989 is arguably the resolution year in terms of concerted efforts to prevent a paradox of child
poverty in this country. Irrespective of 1989, this scan examined child poverty policies from the Federal level dating back to the 1940s, gradually turning attention to
contemporary times at the municipal level. Specifically, provincial policies from Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Alberta were examined, finishing up with
child poverty reduction efforts of the municipality of Calgary, where the research is anchored. The scan does not belabour the debates for policies adopted but instead
reports them as found.


32 pages