Pastor's Kids: Perceptions and Experiences of Family, Friends, the Church, and God

Ambrose Research Conference presentation

This study explored how the experience of being a pastor’s kid impacts a person’s relationship with God, their family, their friends, and the Church, and how they perceive and have experienced these institutions and relationships throughout their lives. Ten pastor’s kids participated in one hour long interviews, with questions ranging from general information about themselves to more pointed questions about how being a pastor’s kid has impacted different areas of their life. Findings show that the majority of pastor’s kids would not change their experiences, as difficult as they may have been. As well, all participants expressed a desire to be treated the same as any other child their age, while most expressed a desire to be able to explore their faith and truly make it their own. These findings, and others, both affirm previous literature on the subject and contribute to potential new areas of study.

51 pages