The Mediator - Volume XIII, Issue 1 December 2017

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The Mediator’s present issue features the installation speeches of five APNTS faculty members (Dick O. Eugenio, Phillip E. Davis, Daniel Behr, Rebecca Da-vis, and Lynn D. Shmidt) and the inauguration address of APNTS’s seventh president, Dr. Bruce E. Oldham.Naturally, the six inducteesrepresent six different academic disciplines.One would expect, therefore, that the articles in the present issue would exhib-it a pronounced lack of cohesion. The discerning reader, therefore, will be pleasantly surprised to discover the high degree to which our authors coalesce around thecommon theme of evangelism as central to APNTS’s raison d’etre.But make no mistake! The authors take divergent approaches to this theme. Especially is this the case between the first two principle authors, Dick Eugenio and Phillip Davis. Just as the compilers of the Rabbinic literature jux-taposed apparently contradictory perspectives without judging one to be right and the other wrong—thereby inviting the reader to pursue a deeper, synthetic truth—so also the present issue bidsreaders to im-bibe deeply of the dialogical richness.Each of the installation and inauguration speeches is followed by a re-sponse from another faculty member, thereby underscoring yet again the dia-logical nature of this Mediatorissue. In this respect, the present issue mirrors the articulate collegiality that exists within a robust theological faculty such as one finds at APNTS.


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