Aemilia Lanyer’s Defense of Women

In Salve Deus Rex Judæorum, Aemilia Lanyer uses the Bible as a literary source in order to offer her own interpretation of Biblical material. Due to the Bible’s universal and authoritative reach in her British society, Lanyer uses Scripture as common ground to look at from her unique female perspective. Lanyer uses this borrowed authority to argue for mercy for women in a section of Salve that is commonly referred to as “Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women.” Lanyer counters the Scripturally-grounded justification of the denigration of women due to Eve’s sin with her own Scripturally-grounded defense of women. In “Eve’s Apology,” Lanyer uses the Bible as a source in order to affirm the unique spirituality experienced by women by offering alternate perspectives and narratives of Scripture, probing the spiritual connection that women share with Christ, and affirming women’s value and identity.

Ambrose Research Conference 2017
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